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About Us

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you have come to the right place.  Here at, we provide a convenient option for you to sell your e-tickets.  We want this to be a smooth and easy process for you.  The website was founded on the idea of taking out the hassle of selling e-tickets for sellers just like you.  In order to make the transactions as secure as possible, we are verified with Paypal and send payment only through Paypal.  In addition, we only buy e-tickets that can be safely transferred from your Ticketmaster or Live Nation account to our accounts.  In doing so, it takes out the possibility of being sent fake e-tickets.   Feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions at any time.  -SellYourEtix Team

Are you someone that can no longer attend an event?
Are you someone that has had trouble selling your e-tickets because individuals are worried your tickets may be fake?
Are you someone that wants a convenient way to sell your extra tickets?
Are you someone that would like to receive payment the same day you sell your e-ticekts?
Are you someone that is uninterested in the hassle of listing tickets online and having to worry whether or not they will sell? And at what price do I list?
Are you someone that wants to know exactly how much compensation you will be receiving for your tickets?
Are you someone that is unhappy with paying fees of up to 15% to sell your tickets?
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